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Sacred Choral selections by J. S. Bach (1685-1750)

Cantata 34 "O ewiges Feuer" (BWV 34)

Arranged* by J. R. Jennings

I have written out a basso continuo part* in modern musical notation, and have translated* the text of the first movement into English*. Software to read NoteWorthy Composer (NWC) scores can be downloaded free of charge.

Cantata 34: files available for download
Section number/nameNWC
1 - "O ewiges Feuer" (chorus) yes yes pp. 1-14
pp. 15-28
pp. 20-40
yes yes
2 - "Herr! unsre Herzen halten" (recit.) yes yes yes yes no
3 - "Wohl euch" (aria) yes yes pp. 1-6
pp. 7-11
yes no
4 - "Erwaehlt sich Gott" (recit.) yes yes yes yes no
5 - "Friede ueber Israel" (chorus) yes yes yes yes no

*This arrangement copyrightę 2009 by James R. Jennings.
*Continuo realization copyrightę 2009 by James R. Jennings.
*English translation copyrightę 2009 by James R. Jennings.

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