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Cantata 192 "Nun danket Alle Gott" (BWV 192)

Arranged* by J. R. Jennings

This cantata was composed for the celebration of the Reformation and was written about 1732. The cantata utilizes the well-known text by Martin Rinkart (1586-1649). In this edition, I have also fitted the English translation by Catherine Winkworth (1827-1878) to the notes of the various voice parts and placed it below the original German.

Regrettably, this cantata is incomplete and only three movements have been preserved. Moreover, the tenor part is entirely missing from the choruses. Replacement(s) for the lost tenor part have been written and have been attributed to Alfred Doerffel, one of the Bachgeselleschaft editors (Ifor Jones, 1940, G. Schirmer, edition) and to Guenter Raphael (http://www.emmanuelmusic.org/). Without regard to the provenance of existing replacements, the *tenor part has been rewritten for this edition (copyright, J. R. Jennings, 2010) in order to improve the fit with the text, to improve the musical line, and to lower some of the high notes. In addition, I have written out a realization of the basso continuo part* in modern musical notation. Software to read NoteWorthy Composer (NWC) scores can be downloaded free of charge.

Cantata 34: files available for download
Section number/nameNWC
1 - "Nun danket Alle Gott" (Chorus) yes yes yes yes yes
2 - "Der ewig Reiche Gott" (Duet) yes yes yes yes yes
3 - "Lob Ehr' und Preis sei Gott" (Chorus) yes yes yes yes yes

*This arrangement copyrightę 2010 by James R. Jennings.
*Continuo realization copyrightę 2010 by James R. Jennings.
*Tenor part copyrightę 2010 by James R. Jennings.

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