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Instruments of the Violin Family

Making and repairing instruments of the violin family provides endlessly fascinating challenges. On these pages, I present some of my own experiences in the hope that they may be interesting to other people. The instruments that I have made thus far could be all considered experimental, because they involve both non-traditional wood and/or design. If you are interested, you are welcome to use my contact contact information and make an appointment.

If you are interested in making instruments of the violin family, I think that the best idea is probably to do some woodworking with things (e.g. shelving) that are comparatively easy before attempting to make a violin. Such projects provide practice in designing a piece, using woodworking tools, applying finish, and so forth. You can certainly can choose to start immediately with a new piece of wood and proceed to fashion a new violin, but I suspect that your frustration level will be much higher and it will take longer to make a satisfactory product than if you start by making a few less difficult things at the outset. Of course if you have already been doing woodworking for 30 years, you are probably ready to try your hand at an instrument. A repair job is often a good way to start, especially if you can find an instrument that is so badly damaged that it is a virtual impossibility to make it worse than it already is. It is best not to expect that your first instrument will be the best one that you will ever make.

String Bass:
I have recently been working on some string basses (a.k.a. double bass). The following link leads to pages that give an account of some of my experiences:
String Basses

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