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Software to read the NWC scores can be downloaded for free from: http://www.noteworthysoftware.com/.

For more free music downloads in Noteworthy Composer format, visit the Noteworthy Scriptorium, the world's leading repository of everything NoteWorthy!

For still more free music downloads of classical music, including NoteWorthy Composer, visit Cipoo.net.

For still more music downloads in a variety of formats, visit the
Choral Public Domain Library.

Strike Up the Band! is a forum for community band, concert
band and marching band enthusiasts.

Do you live in the Chicago area? If so, be sure to listen to some
string quartet music from Quartet Parapluie

Got too much time on your hands? Visit the Beeif page
or visit Beeif's own web site!

No music, just top-notch coastal consulting at Charles Shabica & Associates.

First United Methodist Church, Carbondale, IL

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